Our barrio is aiming to be self-sufficient with the barrio fees from our participants. But since there are big investments in building a barrio, especially the first year, we could use all the money we get. So if you feel like sponsoring our barrio, we won’t stop you. 😉 All the money will go to making it even more awesome: adding lights and other decorations, doing small art projects. If we manage to have some money left after this year’s Nowhere it will go to building an even better barrio next year.

Our bank account details are:
Name: Nowhere Barrio X
IBAN: BE40 9730 8374 3063
Bank: Argenta Spaarbank (ASPA)
Accompanying statement: Sponsoring

You can also donate using PayPal or a credit card (which costs us some transaction fees, so we prefer bank transfers) or Bitcoin:

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