Early arrivals

Update: If you are arriving at the Nowhere site early, before Monday 8th, to help build our Wonderever barrio, please contact us AND fill in the form for Nowhere org: Art, Barrios, Innovation early arrival.

I took this piece from last year’s Nowhere Survival Guide, if you have your ticket you should get a copy of this year’s in the mail in the next couple of weeks. I updated the dates to this year’s event, this is not an official text, could be Nowhere changes the dates, but gives you an idea. So if you want to come earlier to help build our barrio or to help build Nowhere, let us know and/or register as volunteer at Nowhere.

Early arrivals

Nowhere commences midday on Tuesday 9th July 2013. Ticket-holders will be allowed on-site from Monday 8th July to set up their camps and help other projects before the festivities commence.
Only pre-registered volunteers or those who have previously discussed their projects with arts@goingnowhere.org or barrios@goingnowhere.org will be
allowed on-site earlier than 8am Monday 8th July. If you turn up at the gate before this you will be turned away!

Full transperancy

Because we strive for full transparency, also in our finances, we have a seperate bank account, just for the barrio. We are a “feitelijke vereniging” (voluntary association) under Belgian law, our statutes (in Dutch) are here: Statuten Nowhere Barrio X.

Our bank account with Argenta bank Belgium:
IBAN: BE40 9730 8374 3063